Crime and crumbling infrastructure are two of the hot button issues in Mynarski ward this election.

There are four candidates vying to win the council seat.

One is 55 year-old Dave Caper. The father of four grew up and lives in the North End. He owns a gym on Main Street and uses the space to help youth develop life skills.

He said he wanted to run because he sees too many youth that have no hope. "I spend my time getting to know these young people, and these young people don't have the opportunity, never had the opportunity," he said.

Capar also wants to make sure there's enough money in the snow clearing budget to keep streets, sidewalks and areas around community mail-boxes clear in the winter.

Incumbent Ross Eadie won the Mynarski council seat in the last election by about 1,300 votes. He wants to come back to city hall to finish the work he already started. He talked about his work on traffic calming efforts around Winnipeg as one example.

“I have not given up that fight, we are going to get those pedestrian corridors safer," he said.

Greg Littlejohn is a challenger who also ran in the 2010 election. The amateur photographer snaps photos of places he'd like the city to fix, as well as photos of the weekly gathering at the Bell Tower, but it's his work as a lawyer that he said makes him right person for the job, compared to who is on council now.

"I think they don't have the legal perspective to know what is oversight all of these projects," said Littlejohn.

Also back in the race from 2010 is Trevor Mueller, a construction surveyor. He said he is sick of the scandal and waste at city hall.

"I mean we need a lot more engagement and transparency in our government,” said Mueller.

So far, no debates or forums have been organized in the Mynarski Ward, the candidates told CTV News on Thursday.