WINNIPEG -- Another set of eyes is looking over some of the regulatory aspects of the Manitoba-Minnesota transmission line.

Earlier this year Ottawa gave the green light for the $453-million line.

Now, following concerns raised by the Manitoba Metis Federation that Manitoba Hydro did not do proper consultations, the Canada Energy Regulator has formed a panel and sent a letter calling on Manitoba Hydro to show compliance with conditions put on the project.

“Manitoba Hydro must demonstrate that it has complied with the conditions attached to the Certificate,” said the letter

Last year Premier Brian Pallister cancelled a $67.5-million payment between Manitoba Hydro and the MMF describing it as hush money to persuade the MMF from protesting future hydro projects.

MMF President David Chartrand said no agreement means there was no duty to consult.

“Without that document, without that in their hands they have no evidence, none whatsoever, that they can prove that that duty to consult to accommodate took place," he said.

Manitoba Hydro said it's already shown it has complied with the conditions and the project is moving forward.

The Canada Energy Regulator said this process is not uncommon.