The Highway Traffic Board is looking at increasing existing 50 km/h speed limits on four-lane divided roadways in the City of Winnipeg to 60 km/h speed zones, for a unified approach.

The Highway Traffic Board will be holding a series of meetings which will start at 10 a.m. each day at The Highway Traffic Board Office, Room 200-301 Weston Street.

The meeting dates and times are outlined below.
On November 27, 2012 the Board will discuss:

  • Dugald Road, between a point 400 metres east and west of Plessis Road;
  • Grant Avenue, between Kenaston Boulevard and Stafford Street;
  • Pembina Highway, between Ducharme Avenue and the bridge crossing the La Salle River (also under consideration is increasing the speed zone from 60 km/h to 80 km/h between rue des Trappistes to south of Turnbull Drive and increase the 90 km/h to 100 km/h between Turnbull Drive and the City limit);
  • Waverley Street, between Taylor Avenue and Grant Avenue.

On December 4, 2012 the Board will discuss:

  • Corydon Avenue, between Kelvin Boulevard and Cambridge Street;
  • Roblin Boulevard, between Haney Street and Wexford Street;
  • University Crescent, between Chancellor Matheson Road and Pembina Highway.

On December 11, 2012 the Board will discuss:

  • Broadway, between Osborne Street and Main Street;
  • Memorial Boulevard/Colony Street/Balmoral Street, between Broadway and Qu’Appelle Avenue;
  • Isabel Street/Salter Street, between William Avenue and Stella Avenue;
  • Main Street, between Assiniboine Avenue and Manitoba Avenue;
  • Inkster Boulevard, between Lansdowne Avenue and Main Street;
  • Moray Street, between Portage Avenue and Ness Avenue;
  • Wellington Avenue, between the east limit of James Armstrong Richardson International Airport and St. James Street.