Three young girls saved a five-year-old from drowning after a day by the water in northern Manitoba turned into a scary ordeal.

The girls, who are as young as eight, said they were skipping rocks on Friday near their Grand Rapids home when they spotted 5-year-old Lakeisha floating face down in the water.

One of the girls got into the water and brought Lakeisha to shore, while another one went to get help. Then two of the girls performed CPR, something they said they learned from a movie.

“I plugged her nose and then I opened her mouth and I started breathing in her mouth and I could hear that water filling her up,” said Phoenix Chartier, one of the rescuers.

A neighbor took Lakeisha to the nursing station, where she made a full recovery.

“If they didn’t catch her she probably would have drowned,” said Monique Bear, the mother of one of the rescuers.

“And if they didn’t give her those two breaths she probably wouldn’t have made it because she was already turning blue face down in the water and the girls saved her.”

Lakeisha’s aunt said an adult will accompany the girls to play by the riverbank from now on.