A video with hateful language circulating among teens in Winnipeg has local school officials worried.

The video was taken at a gathering and posted on social media.

Amid the smoke and beverages young people use swear words and slurs about black people.

The Louis Riel School Division tells CTV Winnipeg it became aware of the video Saturday.

The division said students brought the video to the attention of staff.

Superintendent Christian Michalik said some of the people in the video have been identified as students at two of the division's high schools.

In cases where students were identified, officials have spoken with parents.

Michalik said there is deep regret and families are working with the division to bring a resolution. 

"Terribly inappropriate and hurtful, and so we just want to ensure that any student that may have been hurt by seeing that video, that we take that into account and we work through all of that,” said Michalik.

In an email to CTV News, Winnipeg police said while the comments are disgraceful they are not illegal, and police cannot prohibit people from posting distasteful videos.

"It is very disturbing that students would engage in those behaviours,” said Josh Watt, executive director of the Manitoba School Boards Association.

Watt said schools try their best to make sure students are prepared with the message that racism, prejudice and discrimination shouldn't be tolerated.

He said if students see a problematic post they should confront it.

“One of the greatest things you can do for your friend is to show them how wrong they are when they engage in that type of behaviour,” said Watt. 

“As you can see from the video there's a group of students there who had a great opportunity to confront the student that was making the comments.”

Michalik said there will be follow up in January, but he couldn't comment if the students might receive punishments, such as school suspensions.

He said the video is still out there despite efforts to have it removed, and there is ongoing communication and support from staff to manage the situation.