Despite widespread Internet support, a video made by the brother of a girl who’s being bullied on Facebook has not had as much impact as he’d hoped.

Tyler McFee said he was getting sick of the cyber-bullying his 15-year-old sister has been enduring.

“These girls were really bullying my sister for the past few months,” he told CTV News.

In response, he decided put a video message up on Facebook directed at the bullies.

“You think it makes you tough saying you could beat up a girl? No... You're just trying to get approval from friends. No... It's not cool,” he says in the video.

McFee said he wants police to issue restraining orders, but officers told CTV they’ve spoken to everyone involved, and have closed the matter.

McFee said despite an initial video response from the alleged bully, the profile of the person responsible for most of the posts is no longer active on Facebook.

On top of the harassment, Tyler and his sister have been coping with the loss of their mother six months ago.

Darren McFee says he’s proud of his son and calls his actions mature.

According to a survey by Ipsos Reid, Canadians want more action against bullying.

78 per cent want more done to reduce bullying.

94 per cent say stopping bullying is the responsibility of schools.

59 per cent say they were bullied.