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Winnipeg homeowner must tear down, modify some garages built without permits


A Winnipeg homeowner will have to tear down or modify some of the garages on his property that exceed size limits.

A city report says four detached structures on the property south of the Perimeter are around four times the total limits at about 3,400 square feet, which includes a 1,600 square-foot building.

The owner filed an appeal for a variance to keep the garages at his Fraser Road home.

An appeal committee, which heard two of the structures were built without permits, voted on a compromise.

The owner can maintain up to 2,700 square feet, meaning he will have to remove or scale down some of the garages.

The lot sizes in the neighbourhood are large, and the area is zoned as rural residential.

The decision comes a few weeks after another appeal committee allowed a 4,200 square-foot garage with no permits on Liberty Street in the South Wilkes Neighbourhood.

That building was constructed without a permit, and was also four times the proper size. Top Stories

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