WINNIPEG -- Three cats with a special connection are looking for a home, and the Winnipeg Humane Society hopes someone can help.

Merriweather, who is about two years old, along with Fauna and Flora, both about five months old, were found as strays and brought to the Humane Society.

Staff quickly noticed the cats had an important bond: Merriweather is blind and relies on Flora and Fauna as guides.

“She actually uses them for comfort and guidance. She will actually follow the kittens around the room, so we feel like it would be best if they got adopted together so that she would have a better chance at a fairly normal life as long as she has a seeing-eye cat to assist her,” said Kristina Graham, manager of adoptions and retail.

The Humane Society wants Merriweather to find a home with at least one of the kittens, but ideally would want all three adopted together.

Adoption fees are being lowered for these three felines as an incentive to have them stay together.