Now that the weather has improved, many of us are spending a lot more time outdoors.

But we aren't the only ones who like the heat.

Ticks are on the move as well.

Winnipegger Ry St. Pierre has already found them in several areas around the city.

"I've found deer ticks a lot around the Seine River in the St. Vital area, in La Barrier Park, and in Beaudry Park," said St. Pierre.   

St. Pierre was bit by several ticks over the years, and is now living with Lyme disease.

He's doing a tick survey and posting his findings on Facebook to let people know how prevalent ticks are in the city.

"You don't have to be a particularly outdoorsy person,” said St. Pierre. "You might be playing soccer in the park."

Dr. Kateryn Rochon from the University of Manitoba's entomology department said black legged ticks can now be found virtually anywhere in Manitoba.

"From snow melt to snow fall, you should be checking yourself, your children and your pets for ticks," said Rochon.

Rochon said no one should be panicking. The key is awareness that there is a risk.  

But just how big a risk from year to year is difficult to forecast.

"The relationship between when there is a lot of adults coming out and current year, or previous year, we don't exactly know this," said Rochon.

But what we do know is that repellents with DEET do help keep them away.

St. Pierre suggests wearing clothing that will make it harder for the ticks to latch on.

"Don't wear sweatpants and fuzzier material in the bush because it's basically like Velcro for ticks," said St. Pierre.