Soup Sisters launched a new charity in Winnipeg on Sunday, serving up more than 200 bowls of soup for Osborne House.

Osborne House is a first stage emergency shelter for women and children.

“I’ve always had this real heartfelt belief that soup had the power to change someone’s day,” said Sharon Hapton, the founder of the organization.

"It shows them that we take a stand against domestic abuse and that their lives matter to us.”

Fairmont Hotel executive chef Jeremy Langmann lead a group of 40 volunteers who all bought tickets to participate in the making of six batches of soup, which is enough to last the shelter for about a month.

"I think when they look at the label and it says 'Made with love', they probably have not heard those words in a long time and I think it's going to make a big difference in their life," said Harriet Zimmerman, one of the organizers of the Winnipeg chapter of Soup Sisters.

Soup Sisters has an agreement in place to hold events once a month and will supply Osborne House with soup for at least the next two years.

Hapton says the community response in Winnipeg has been overwhelming. The first four monthly events are already sold out.

With the addition of Winnipeg this week and Montreal next week, Soup Sisters is now operating in a dozen Canadian cities and serving up more than 8-thousand bowls of soup each month.