More and more Canadians are living to the age of 100. But it's still a pretty rare feat for someone to become super-centenarian, or 110 years of age.

But Winnipeg's Hilda Wood accomplished the feat Tuesday. And her birthday was celebrated with a party featuring a band, a special lunch -- and a group of family and friends coming together. But ask Hilda herself, and she'll tell you this is all unnecessary.

"I just like to be quiet," said Wood.

But when you reach a milestone birthday of 110 like Hilda has, some people think it’s important to make a loud fuss about you. She was born in Winnipeg in 1907 before historic landmarks like the Manitoba Legislature and Fort Garry Hotel were built. But Hilda Wood hasn't just survived, she's vigorous and spry.


"She's very sharp," says daughter Lynda Dick.

"We buy her jumble books, and she does those, works right through them. It's incredible, it really is."

During her long life, Hilda worked as a telephone operator briefly.

"Just for about a year and a half," remembers Wood. "Then the cut over came to automatic, so we were all out."

She also worked as a stenographer. She says she always kept active, and kept her family close. Especially after the passing of her husband when he was 56. Indeed, she says it's her families love and support that's kept her going all these years.

"Especially my daughter, and granddaughter, and special friends. And people in the building are so good to me!"

And they hope to continue being good to her, for many, many years to come.