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Woman assaulted, abandoned in dumpster; Winnipeg police searching for three suspects


WARNING: The story contains disturbing details. Discretion is advised.

The Winnipeg Police Service is searching for three suspects after a woman was assaulted, forcibly confined at a Manitoba Housing complex and then thrown into a dumpster earlier this month, in an incident investigators are calling ‘disturbing.’

According to police, officers responded to a hospital on Dec. 10 for a report of a woman suffering from numerous physical injuries.

Police said the woman, 27, was forced to attend a Manitoba Housing complex on Carlton Street where she was physically assaulted until she lost consciousness, and was restrained for a significant amount of time.

Sgt. Gary Mathez with the police service’s sex crimes unit says the woman was restrained starting in the afternoon on Dec. 9.

“We feel the victim was restrained in a manner where she could no longer defend herself,” he said.

Investigators say the suspects eventually forced the woman, who was still restrained, into a dumpster and abandoned her on Dec. 10. Police said someone heard her screams for help and she was taken to hospital.

Mathez believes the victim was in the dumpster for at least an hour.

“I don’t know if there is any way she could have freed herself without the assistance of somebody,” he said.

Mathez said much of the evidence in the case was caught on video surveillance.

“It’s disturbing, and it’s a complete disregard for any kind of human life as far as I’m concerned.”

At this point, it is not believed the victim knew any of the suspects.

“That address was previously unknown to our victim,” Mathez said. “She attended there with another individual we are still looking to find.”

Mathez added, “She did attend there with another individual who brought her to that residence who was far more familiar with it than her.”

Police said two people, a man and woman, were arrested in connection with the incident on Dec. 14.

Police are still searching for 35-year-old Joey Michael Audy, 40-year-old Evelyn Marie McKay and 27-year-old Romeo Chris Miles in connection with the incident. Audy is wanted on a charge of attempted murder, while Miles and McKay are wanted on charges of robbery and forcible confinement.

None of the charges against the three have been proven in court.

If anyone sees the suspects in public, they are told to immediately call 911 and not approach them. Top Stories

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