WINNIPEG -- Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health are investigating after a worker was injured in an accident at a mill in Selkirk on the weekend.

A spokesperson for Gerdau Long Steel North America confirmed to CTV News that a worker at the Gerdau Manitoba Steel Mill was injured in a workplace accident on Saturday. The company said the worker is recovering in hospital and is expected to be released in "the next day or two."

According to the province, the worker fell approximately eight feet from a stepladder and sustained a "serious leg injury," and the worker was airlifted to the hospital.

A spokesperson for the province said the company was issued two improvement orders related to ladders, and the incident is now under investigation.

Workplace Safety and Health have been notified of three other serious incidents at the workplace this year, the spokesperson said.

Two incidents occurred in February. In one incident, a 110-foot bridge crane derailed. There were no injuries from the incident, but an improvement order was issued regarding the general duties of the employer.

The second incident in February saw a worker sustain injuries after falling approximately 11.5 feet when the grid platform they were standing on collapsed. Following an investigation, two improvement orders related to general controls and safe work procedures were issued.

In August, Workplace Safety and Health investigated after a worker sustained a finger injury. The worker's hand was pinched between the sling and safety hatch as a load was being lifted. No improvement orders were issued.

"In addition to the above, WSH attended the workplace on June 16, 2020 and July 28, 2020," the province said in a statement. "The two inspections resulted in five improvement orders, relating to cranes, rigging, electrical and safeguards for machines."

In a statement, the Gerdau spokesperson said the company is investigating the incident and working with workplace health and safety officials.