WINNIPEG -- Manitobans have been stuck at home for quite some time now due to the pandemic, and some might be looking for something to do in order to stay busy.

Virtual or online cooking classes might be the answer for those who like to be in the kitchen or want to build on or develop a skill.

"It was something innovative, something new to do, something to give back to our amazing chef in this city," said Candace Rudy, who has participated in two of the four classes offered by the Exchange District Cooking Club.

One of the meals Rudy learned was how to make dumplings.

“You’re learning from the best. You’re learning something they love to do and you can tell. I’m not a chef by any means, I’m okay at best in the kitchen, but they walk you through step-by-step," she said.

Rudy added that taking these classes really allows you to experience the mind of a chef, and it is also a great opportunity to connect with loved ones.

“(There are) lots of younger families. It's something they can do with the kids and then also couples, couples who don't have kids. It's something they can do from the comfort of their own home," said Chef Josée Curé, who works at J'em Bistro in St. Pierre-Jolys, Man.

"It's good for people outside the pandemic who are home bodies in general."

Chef Pamela Kirkpatrick hosts the club and said the attendance was off the chart.

“So we were upwards in the numbers of 200 ticket sales per episode. I think Corrientes was like 330, so these are also like really, really big,” said Kirkpatrick.

Along with teaching, Kirkpatrick said the classes have been a great way for her to connect with other chefs in the province.

“The chefs were all super keen to want to be involved," she said. "They’re missing regular restaurant life, but they’re also missing all these other things that have been cancelled and put on hold."

If people are still not sure if they should take any online or virtual classes, Rudy said that people should just give it a try as it's a lot of fun.

"Have fun with it and we can appreciate our chefs more when we can go back to them,” Rudy said.

The cooking club has plans for more classes in the future, but no dates have been set as of yet.