The Manitoba Legislative building was turned into Castle Chavella Sunday afternoon.

More than 100 girls including around 70 battling life-threatening or chronic illnesses were crowned princesses for the day.

“Princess for a Day” is an event for children’s charities across the province.

Founder Stella Mazza said she came up with the idea after her own battle with breast cancer in 2004.

“I thought it would be wonderful if other little girls could share in such a wondrous fantasy, especially those with challenging health concerns,” said Mazza.

She said she’s proud of how successful the event has become.

Young princesses who attended were fitted with jewels, a tiara and their own personal princess gown. Each girl also got to meet their favourite Disney princesses.

Sara Zamkotowich attended the princess event with her two-year-old daughter Hilarie who is living with stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer that develops in certain types of nerve tissue. Zamkotowich said she enjoys the event because it not only shows support to her daughter but herself and other parents.

“As a mom I know that she feels good and I can see all the other little girls and it’s amazing,” she said.

This marked the 12th year of the event run by volunteers.