Winnipeg police are warning hockey fans to be aware of where you get your game tickets from, after some were stung by a scam.

A 28-year-old man is now facing charges for selling stolen goods over the internet to unsuspecting fans. Police say at least two people thought the tickets they bought were legitimate, but they weren't.

The victims bought their tickets online but when they showed up at MTS Centre they were turned away and told the tickets they thought were legitimate had actually been stolen. The seats they thought they'd be sitting in were occupied by their rightful owners.

The story is making fans looking to get tickets online ask a few more questions before acquiring the most sought after ticket in town.

Daniel Konieczny tried, but couldn't get his hands on season tickets. He's so desperate for a ticket he posted a wanted advertisement online.

"I'm definitely worried because if I want to buy tickets to the game, I want to make sure I'm actually going to go to that game," said Konieczny.

Winnipeg police say that's the risk you take when you shop over the internet. On Thursday, a 28-year-old suspect was arrested after he sold stolen Jets tickets online.

"As a result, we do have victims who purchased these tickets online who are out of money," explained Const. Natalie Aitken of the Winnipeg Police Service. "So they would show up with their ticket and it would have been voided and they would have been denied entry."

The Jets said at Wednesday's game between five and 10 fans were turned away at the door because the tickets they bought and thought were legitimate were not.

"If the ticket says they're not allowed in for various reasons and the program does indicate to us the reason why this ticket is not scanning properly then it's very much black and white," explained Scott Brown who works for the Winnipeg Jets. "There's not a lot that we can do."

Police say the 28-year-old man intercepted a package containing season tickets through the mail; it was not sent to him. He then posted ads online trying to make money off those tickets. When the original buyer hadn't received his tickets he called the Jets and the tickets were voided.

Officials say season ticket holders should receive their tickets in the mail by mid next week. If you don't, call 987-7825.

-With a report from CTV's Caroline Barghout