Southern Manitoba got its first major thunderstorm storm of the year Monday evening.

It brought heavy rain and pea to quarter-sized hail to the region.

There are also reports that a funnel cloud formed in the Winnipeg area.

Viewer Brent Tierney sent in pictures and writes:

These pics were taken from the McPhilips Athletic park on June first around 7 p.m. when a thunderstorm rolled through .

We sighted many small funnels that would begin to drop out of the dark black cloud bank as it was approaching, then retreat back into the cloud .

This happpened several times over until the rain and hail began and the storm (which was short lived ) passed by.

Very cool but very unnerving as we were directly in the path of the storm.

Environment Canada has yet to confirm whether the funnel cloud touched down anywhere in the city.

Strong winds did however topple trees and cause power outages.

The storm system was part of a squall line that moved in from the northwest.

The system has now moved out leaving a clear sky for southern Manitoba for the next two days.

There is a chance of showers on Thursday.

Environment Canada says this has been the coolest spring for the past 13 years, and suggests the cooler than normal temperatures could last for another three weeks. 

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With a report from CTV's Rachel Lagace