It’s been 10 years since Jennifer Catcheway disappeared, but her parents, Wilfred and Bernice believe their daughter is still out there.

The family held a BBQ fundraiser on Saturday to help fund search efforts as they continue to comb through the entire province of Manitoba in an attempt to locate their child.

“Just know you're not forgotten. Just know we're looking for you Jen and we're coming for you," said Wilfred Catcheway.

Jennifer was last seen on her 18th birthday on June 19, 2008. The Portage la Prairie teen had travelled to Grand Rapids with family and was expected back home to celebrate.

RCMP determined the case to be a homicide after speaking with witnesses and conducting searches, but her remains have never been found.

The loss has taken an emotional and financial toll, constantly following up on clues and tips and spending time and resources on searches in remote areas of the province.

‘There is a lot that has gone into this, time and effort and money,” said Bernice Catcheway.

Family Problems

Bernice said the constant search for her daughter Jennifer has created a splintering effect within the family.

“There have been a lot of issues surrounding this with family over the past few months, too,” said Bernice recalling comments made. “My daughter told me that when Jen went missing 10 years ago, that was when you died too. We lost you.”

Despite the impact it’s had on the family at-large, Bernice said there are no plans on pulling back on search efforts.

‘Losing my other daughters, I know there will be reconciliation. In the meantime, we need to go on, we can’t stop.”

Despite the lack of support from certain family members, Wilfred and Bernice Catcheway still manage to find the resolve to carry on with their search efforts.

“Hope is you're not giving up that faith, cause if I didn't have that. I wouldn't be here," said Bernice Catcheway.