The parents of Jennifer Catcheway have resumed a heartbreaking search to find the remains of their daughter nine years after she disappeared.

On Monday Catcheway's parents Bernice and Wilfred, along with family and volunteers, searched fields and bushes on the outskirts of Dakota Tipi First Nation with a backhoe and cadaver dogs.

Catcheway was last seen on her 18th birthday on June 19, 2008. The Portage la Prairie teen had travelled to Grand Rapids with family and was expected back home to celebrate.

Soon after Catcheway went missing in 2008, the family received a tip she went to a party on Dakota Tipi First Nation.

Bernice and Wilfred said they’ve learned new information and believe now more than ever their daughter's remains are there somewhere.

"It boils down to Dakota Tipi First Nation and there are a lot of unanswered questions and police need to act on it," said Wilfred.

Over the years, the Catcheways have searched the Duck Bay area, Pine Creek, Grand Rapids, Riding Mountain National Park, and have done several other searches on and around Dakota Tipi First Nation.

“So now we're looking for bones. We're looking for remains. Anything to bring Jennifer back home,” said Bernice.

RCMP said Monday it continues to look for answers into her death.

The Mounties said after speaking with witnesses and conducting searches the case was ruled a homicide, but her remains have never been found.

"I cannot imagine what they have had to endure during the last nine years," said Cpl. Sean Farrell of the RCMP Major Crime Unit and lead investigator into Catcheway’s death.

In a statement to CTV News RCMP said, "we thoroughly evaluate all information provided to us and conduct investigative searches when warranted."

Police also said they are in regular contact with the family and are aware of the search.

"We encourage anyone with information to come forward and contact police. Please don’t assume we know what you know. If you know anything, please reach out," Farrell said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact their local RCMP detachment or Manitoba Crime Stoppers.

The Catcheways are looking for volunteers to help in the ground search and anyone who can provide a backhoe.