Canada Post is cancelling door-to-door mail delivery for 11 communities across Canada this fall in the first phase of changes.

Among those affected are three neighbourhoods in Winnipeg.

Twelve thousand residents from Garden City, The Maples and West Kildonan will no longer get mail to their door starting in late October.

Canada Post said there are exceptions to the rule for businesses in the area, and for some residents.

"People who get delivery to their apartments and condos and to senior buildings there - that stays the same. That's not changing,” said Mike Badour from Canada Post.

Canada Post said the community mailboxes are safe, adding they’re protected from the weather and you can send mail from them.

Some are concerned for their safety and the security of their mail in a public place and people with disabilities say they may not even be able to reach their mailbox.

"We also want to be independent. We don't want to be dependent on our friends and neighbours to go and get the mail,” said Carlos Sosa from Manitoba League of Persons for Disabilities.

Sosa said the change creates too many barriers for people with disabilities.

Letters will be mailed out to affected residents next week with information about the changes, and a survey for public input.

The Canada Post website has more information on which postal codes are affected.

Eventually, 170,000 addresses in Winnipeg will be converted to community mailboxes.