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'Absolute cash grab': Winnipeg residents upset with construction zone speed trap


The province is building an interchange at St Mary's Road and the South Perimeter Highway to help traffic flow better, but some drivers who live in the area aren't happy with how speed limits are being enforced in a portion of this construction zone.

"I think it's an absolute cash grab," said Mason Gobert.

Gobert lives off St Mary's Road south of the Perimeter. He and other residents question why the speed limit has been dropped to 60km/h on the stretch and why a mobile photo enforcement vehicle is there when no construction is taking place in the area.

Gobert also said the signage is hard to see at night.

"They were moving them around a lot too. They never seem to stay in one spot, they would kind of change the size of the zones and there was no immediate construction getting done," he added.

Area city councillor Markus Chambers said he's received complaints from area homeowners who say there is not enough advanced warning or illumination of signs at night.

"I've heard from about four residents in my area that they've been unfairly ticketed," said Chambers.

The speeding fines issued at the spot are double the cost since it is a construction zone.

Chambers is asking city and provincial officials to make changes if necessary to ensure construction workers are safe and drivers are clear on the rules.

"It's only fair to motorists that there is proper signage and proper lighting around that signage to let them know that they should be reducing their speed," he said.

The City of Winnipeg tells CTV News it reviewed the designated construction zone signage and that the contractor will be making what it calls minor adjustments to them to make them more clear for drivers.

What's not clear, is if this entire portion of St Mary's Road will remain a construction zone with slower speed limits when no one is doing road work.

"I'm not against slowing down for the construction workers and for the public safety. I'm all for that. I just think it's a little unnecessary at the moment," said Gobert. Top Stories

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