Thursday night brought an emotional reunion for a family in Alberta and their beloved pet after he was found in a Manitoba city hundreds of kilometres from his home.

Jim third from Brooks Alberta says he brings his two-year-old dog Vader to work with him regularly.

"He's usually pretty good stays within a 100 yards radius," said Third.

Third saoid he was working in the field one morning in September when he noticed Vader went missing around the noon hour.

"I started walking the ditches worried he might have been clipped by a vehicle," said Third.

Word started to spread that Vader disappeared and after nearly six weeks of searching finally the family was given some good news.

He was found more than 12-hundred kilometres away in Steinbach, Man.

"I tried not to get too excited and I was out of province so it took a bit to get the pictures but as soon as I got them yeah I knew,” said Third.

Brent Thomas took Vader in after he was caught by animal control.

"It was just great to see him get back and he was such a great dog he settled right in, he was great with his run, great with me,” said Thomas.

With help from trucking company Furry Hobos and Hiway Heroes Vader was reunited with his family Thursday around 9 p.m.

"Indescribable he's a member of your family and he was gone that long you don't realize what a good dog or good anything you have until it's gone,” said Third”

The family says they don't know how Vader made it to Steinbach but they're glad he's home.