A new multi-million dollar movie production is now shooting in Beaconia, Manitoba, and the community is full of buzz for the new film.

Manitoba has been home to several Hollywood productions in the past few years, but the small community rarely sees cameras come to town.

Life is normally quiet and peaceful in Beaconia, according to retiree Jim Mandziuk. However, that changed with the arrival of the film crew working on a new movie called Cry/Fly.

The movie has a reported budget of around $8 million. It’s set in Minnesota and northern Canada, and follows a mother and son in two different time periods.

The two main characters are being brought to life by two Hollywood heavyweights: Academy Award winner Jennifer Connely of A Beautiful Mind and Cillian Murphy from Batman Begins.

However, Mandziuk said he hasn’t seen any movie stars yet. He’s still hopeful, though, and even says he wouldn’t mind appearing in the film, but is realistic about the odds of that happening.

“Chances are slim, I think!” he said.

Instead, Mandziuk will settle for watching the finished product once filming is complete. Shooting in Manitoba is expected to wrap up in April.

The movie has an expected premiere in 2014.


- with a report by CTV’s Jon Hendricks