A picture making the rounds on Twitter questions why the Manitoba government chose to use images from afar in marketing touting the province’s job creation strategy.

“Working to Create More Opportunities for Young People” – that’s one of the latest messages MLA Theresa Oswald sent to her constituents this week.

Mykalia Solomon like the ad and the idea.

"I think it's a brilliant idea, like a lot of people like get people out there finishing school,” said Mykalia Solomon.

The message is part of the job creation strategy by the Manitoba government.

But take a closer look - if you don't recognize the faces of the young people in the ad, you most certainly won't recognize the landmark on the corner. Unless you're from Portugal.

Solomon calls that a bit “deceiving.”

The picture is a stock photo from Lisbon, Portugal.

Minister Theresa Oswald admits she signed off on the flyer.

"My bad, absolutely. I admit when I looked at the document, I was editing the text. I'm a former English teacher. I can't help myself but watch for commas. It didn't occur to me that the stock photo might be from somewhere else so...I accept full responsibility for that,” she said.

Oswald said it wasn’t her intent to deceive anyone and in the futures all ads will be of Manitobans.