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Building owner makes statement after Winnipeg apartments go up in flames


The company that owns Quail Ridge Apartment Homes said the building is “no longer habitable” after a fire ripped through the apartment complex on Friday.

According to Weidner Apartment Homes, the owner of the apartment complex, the building is uninhabitable as portions of the complex are unsafe. Residents will not be able to go into the building until temporary repairs are made.

In a statement, the company noted that it has been in contact with the building’s residents and everyone is “in good health.”

“The safety of our customers and guests is our primary concern and our team members have come together from throughout the province to assist our residents during this difficult time,” it said.

Weidner noted that a structural engineer was at the building over the weekend, and the company has hired a fire remediation service to help with the cleanup. Fencing has been installed around the building and parking lot, and security will be on site for the near future.

As for the tenants, the company has expedited refund cheques of the prorated portion of the May rent that the residents paid. Weidner is also providing full refunds of security deposits, with cheques being hand delivered to the tenants.

Weidner hopes to allow limited entry to the building for those who lived on the first and second floors so that they can pick up some belonging by the end of the week. However, this limited entry will require approval from an engineer and local officials. Top Stories

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