A small mountain of snow covers all of the parking along Dufferin Avenue designated for Gino Riccio’s business.

He said city crews dumped some of it there.

Riccio said a neighbour tipped him off that she saw crews cleaning the streets use his lot as a dumping ground.

Surveillance video shows several front-end loaders dumping six loads into the private parking lot, he said.

“We're paying for this parking here and we can't park in this lot because of what they've done,” he said.

Riccio called 311 to voice a complaint, on Feb. 14 and the operator said he'd get a call back.

By Feb. 24, Riccio said he still hasn’t heard back.

Riccio said the crew who added snow should help with the financial load.

The city responded to CTV News with a statement.

“The city believes this is an isolated incident. We are taking it very seriously and will be investigating and will be taking whatever action is appropriate to rectify the situation,” said the city.