A brand of frozen chicken strips has been recalled after a salmonella outbreak saw 11 people in seven provinces get sick.

The recall affects Compliments Chicken Strips with a best before date of Nov. 24, 2019, sold across Canada until May 1 in 907 gram boxes. The UPC code is 0 55742 33687 0 and although the chicken is no longer being sold, the recall notes people may have it sitting in their freezers.

People are urged not to eat the chicken, and the food industry is being told to not sell or serve it.

No illnesses have been reported in Manitoba in connection with this most recent outbreak.

Since 2017, the federal government has investigated 18 outbreaks linked to raw, breaded chicken and said there have been 29 related cases of illness in Manitoba.

A full list of recalls of raw, breaded chicken products is available on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.

The Public Health Agency of Canada also asks people take precautions to prevent salmonella infection. It says to throw out any recalled chicken and if you have breaded, frozen chicken that isn’t in the original packaging and could possibly have been recalled, throw it out anyway to stay safe.

It also urges proper hand washing after handling the recalled meat.

It emphasized that breaded raw chicken can brown and appear cooked while still being raw on the inside and to make sure to cook to an internal temperature or 74°C or 165°F.