Some child advocacy groups say online erotic ads are being used for trafficking children and they're calling on popular websites to pull the ads immediately.

The website Craigslist has an erotic services link on its website with some ads listing emails or phone numbers.

Some child advocacy groups say some ads are also advertising children.

"You can think of young women, young boys, 14 or 15-years-old, being pimped online. We have circumstances where people are profiting thousands of dollars. It's horrific," says Nicole Merrick, with the organization Beyond Borders.

Craigslist pulled its erotic ads last weekend in the U.S., but they're still up in Canada. Beyond Borders hopes the company follows the move made in the U.S. and takes the ads down in Canada.

RCMP say they want the ads pulled too.

"The RCMP human trafficking (unit) has partnered with Craigslist, met with Craigslist and spoken to Craigslist on several occasions," says Sgt. Marie-Claude Arsenault with the RCMP.

RCMP say they are actively working to combat child trafficking, but they say it's an international problem.

One woman who has advertised herself on Craigslist for the past two years spoke with CTV News. She says Craigslist is safer and the only alternative to working on Winnipeg's dangerous streets.

"I know girls who have been murdered, beaten up, robbed…but Craigslist seems a lot safer and I hope they don't get rid of it," says Jamie, who did not want her real name used.

CTV News tried contacting Craigslist on Wednesday about its erotic ads section, but was told no one was available for comment.

- with a report from CTV's Jeremy Hunka