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Chronic wasting disease found in new deer species in Manitoba

Chronic wasting disease

Another species of deer has been detected suffering from chronic wasting disease (CWD) in Manitoba according to the province.

CWD was first detected in Manitoba in 2021 in mule deer. Now the province said it has also been found in white-tailed deer.

"CWD is an incurable, fatal disease that affects members of the deer family (cervids)," the province said in a news release. "If the disease spreads and becomes endemic to Manitoba, there is a serious risk that CWD will threaten the health of all cervid populations in the province."

Since it was first detected, there have been 20 positive cases found in Manitoba – 18 mule deer and two white-tailed deer.

More positive tests could be discovered as the province said wait times for tests are around 16 to 20 weeks, as there have been more submissions than capacity for testing.

The province said CWD is not known to impact people, but the meat of a CWD-infected animal should not be eaten.

"Hunters who are active in areas where CWD is a concern should have harvested animals tested, practice safe carcass-handling protocols, and avoid consumption of any animal that has tested positive for CWD."

Sample results can be found online and more information can be found on the government's website. Top Stories


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