WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg City Councillor Vivian Santos has said she feels she was denied 'procedural fairness' and is considering rescinding her resignation from the Winnipeg Police Board, after failing a background check.

Santos confirmed on Tuesday she had stepped down from her position on the police board after she failed the security background check. But on Wednesday afternoon, Santos said she is reconsidering her decision.

"After having considered new information and taking time to think about what happened, I do feel that the Winnipeg Police have acted arbitrarily and have denied me procedural fairness," Santos said in a Tweet.

"I am considering rescinding my resignation from the Police Board, and other legal options, in order to clear my name."

She said ensuring accountability from the police and the city is important to her.

Santos denied a request from CTV News for an interview, saying she is considering all options and will not be doing media interviews.

On Tuesday, Santos told media she was surprised to learn she had been flagged in the background check.

She said when she filled out the background check, she had to disclose her husband, her parents, her husband's family members, her children and she had to give four references from her friends.

She said police did not provide her with a reason for the failed background check.

"I was absolutely surprised. I have nothing to hide. I don't have a criminal record, I have never been charged, I have never been arrested," said Santos.