The City of Winnipeg says it has handed out more than 2,000 tickets to drivers parked in snow-plow zones as part of the recent cleanup on streets. Some Winnipeggers said more notification is needed to alert drivers to the areas being plowed.

The cost of the tickets is $150 but can be reduced to $75 if paid by a certain time.

Rea Seitler went to a hair salon and had a ticket waiting on her vehicle when she came out.

“$75 dollars is a lot for families and it’s a really tough thing,” said Seitler.

She said she knows when crews are set to plow her own neighbourhood, but didn’t think to check the area around the salon when she parked on Dorchester Avenue.

“It’s not in my frame of mind to think that I would have to do that before I would go get a haircut,” she said.

Staff at the salon where she went said they were caught off guard as well by the ticketing said the city should do more to warn people.

“Put signs up, at least in the business area, because our clients come from other areas and they don’t know,” said Renate Vonossowski from Maison S Hair Salon.

Erica Best said two of her clients got tickets.

“They’re upset and it ruins their experience coming here,” said Best.

The City of Winnipeg said drivers need to get informed about plowing operations. To find out when an area is being plowed, people can go to the city’s Know Your Zone website or call 311.

"We've been putting the onus on the vehicle owner, people driving the vehicle, whether at their residence or parking at another location,” said Ken Boyd, manager of street maintenance with the city.

When in doubt, officials said to just park on major streets.

The city said this cleanup has been tougher than the one in November because cold weather has hampered some equipment and the amount of snow, along with ice-packed streets, have slowed things down. Crews have had to redo clearing on some streets.

The current plowing operation is expected to be done by the evening of Jan. 17.

Along with the tickets handed out, some vehicles are towed to other streets to allow plows to clear the area. The city said more than 800 vehicles have been towed so far.

Those people whose streets were missed in the snow clearing can call 311 to get it done, but there may not be a parking ban in effect when that is completed.