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Colleen Bready's forecast: Cooler start to the week


We get off to a cooler start across southern Manitoba including Winnipeg on Monday. At least, by late May standards.

Temperatures should reach the low 20s for this time of year. Today, though, most regions should hit highs in the mid-teens.

Conditions are also just unstable enough that there is a risk of non-severe thunderstorms later this afternoon into early this evening.

In the northeast, a low near Island Lake should continue to bring on again, off again rain to the region today and likely this evening.

By contrast, parts of the northwest should catch at least some sunshine.

High pressure building into the province over the next day or so will bring more sunshine to the south on Tuesday, particularly by the afternoon around Winnipeg.

Wednesday will be a great day to book a tee time or to just head outside with temperatures in the south expected to climb into the mid-20s in the afternoon with lots of sunshine.

Showers can’t be ruled out later in the week before a warm, even hot start to meteorological summer on the weekend as we move into the month of June. Top Stories

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