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Colleen Bready's forecast: risk of severe thunderstorms


Keep your eyes on the sky today and tonight in southern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario.

Unstable atmospheric conditions pose the risk of thunderstorms that, should they develop, could become severe.

Severe thunderstorms already moved through areas west of Portage la Prairie this morning.

Clearing in behind those storms and warming temperatures will help to provide the fuel for potential thunderstorm development today and this evening.

The biggest threats are expected to be large hail and damaging winds.

As of early this morning, Environment and Climate Change Canada says there is the risk for a brief tornado in a corridor from Steinbach to Sprague from late this afternoon well into the evening hours.

The agency also says thunderstorms are most likely to initiate mid to late afternoon in western areas and in the Red River Valley this evening.

Although, with these types of atmospheric conditions, that could easily change.

It is also important to remember that there is always for the potential for thunderstorms, especially severe ones, to produce tornadoes. Top Stories

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