Winnipeg musicians gathered for a concert against bullying at the Park Theatre on Saturday. Organizers hope the concert will be the first of a series of shows called The Hateless Tour, which seeks to end bullying through music.

Soul singer Flo headlined the show, backed by the Winnipeg Choral Group. In addition to the music, young people who experienced bullying gave speeches.

Duncan Cox and Chelsea Hertzog both shared their experiences with cyber-bullying.

"We want kids to know, we want teens to know, that you can always go to somebody and get help,” said Hertzog..

“Absolutely, always, you’re never alone,” added Cox.

Both Cox and Hertzog say if you're feeling bullied, express yourself though writing, music or by talking to someone you trust.

Organizers said the concert was special because it was organized by volunteers who aren’t associated with any charity or organization. The volunteers paid the expenses out of their own pocket.

Organizers hope to do similar concerts in cities across Canada.