The Crown has made its opening statement in the second-degree murder trial for Brenda Lee Schuff.

Schuff has pleaded not guilty in the death of Judy Kenny.

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Kenny was found suffering from serious upper body injuries in the early morning hours of Apr. 10, 2017 at a home in the 400 block of Camden Place.

Crown attorney Debbie Buors told jurors Monday morning they’re going to hear about how Schuff and Kenny were together at Kenny’s home the morning Kenny was killed.

“This is a case about two neighbours together at Judy Kenny’s home,” Buors told jurors. “Something went terribly wrong that early morning and Judy Kenny was beaten, she was stomped and she was stabbed multiple times.”

Buors told jurors they’ll hear evidence about how on the evening of April 9, 2017 a friend of Kenny’s picked up his dog who Kenny had been dog sitting.

A short time after the friend picked up his dog, Kenny called 311 to report the dog missing, Buors told the jury.

Buors told jurors they’ll hear evidence Kenny had been drinking, went out to look for the dog, met Schuff and the two women returned to Kenny’s home.

“They socialized and then it turned violent,” Buors told jurors. “Before this night the two neighbours were unknown to each other.”

Buors told jurors they’ll hear evidence from police and civilian witnesses including from an exchange student living in Kenny’s home at the time of her death as well as friends of the accused and her partner.

Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Richard Saull is presiding over the jury trial which is set for three weeks.

Winnipeg Police Service forensic identification officer Susan Roy-Haegeman testified Kenny's blood was found in her home, as well as in a home the accused lived in on the same street.

Court heard two swabs were taken from Schuff's home: one from the door of the master bedroom and another from the kitchen. Both swabs were sent to a RCMP lab for DNA analysis where it was determined they contained Kenny's DNA.

Court heard Kenny's blood was also found on Schuff's hands and clothing seized from her when she was processed at Winnipeg police headquarters.

The defence has yet to cross examine Roy-Haegeman.