The incumbent in Winnipeg North hopes his leader’s popularity will have a trickle-down effect.

Liberal Kevin Lamoureux won a hard-fought battle against the NDP to retain this seat in 2011.

A judicial recount was called and Lamoureux held on by 44 votes.

But that was when an unpopular Michael Ignatieff was the Liberal leader. Now, with Justin Trudeau at the helm and rising in the polls, Lamoureux is hoping for a better result.

"It's incredible – I actually have been an MP, MLA, parliamentarian for over 20 years – he is more popular than I am in the area in which I represent," said Lamoureux.

The riding has seen more than one tight race between the NDP and the Liberals over the years.

NDP candidate Levy Abad said he's banking on the area's strong ethnic vote. Abad said he’s optimistic for a positive outcome if he can take 15 to 20 per cent of that vote away from Lamoureaux, and take advantage of new boundaries in the riding,

“Then I will be able to overcome his legend. He's a political Goliath in the community and, though I look tall, I'm the political David,” said Abad.

The Conservative candidate in Winnipeg North is Harpreet Turka and the Green Party is represented by John Redekopp.