Pet owners are on alert in Manitoba's beach country.

Dogs in the area have become the target of wolves in recent weeks, prompting authorities to issue a warning to residents who own animals.

Victoria Beach Police Chief Stewart MacPherson said three large dogs have been killed in the past month and believes wolves are to blame.

MacPherson said the attacks happened in the neighbouring beach communities of Albert Beach and Hillside Beach.

"We've had reports in Victoria Beach of a dog attacked and injured," said MacPherson.

MacPherson said one dog owner chased a pack of three wolves out of his yard after it attacked his German shepherd.

He said a couple of raccoons were also "torn apart" at a nearby golf course.

"We're urging people if you have an animal, a pet don't just open the back door and let it outside without being on a leash."

MacPherson said wolves may lure your dog into the bush.

"As soon as that dog…goes up to the edge, that's when the pack comes out and decimates your pet," said MacPherson.

According to Manitoba Conservation, there's a large deer population in the area, which may be attracting the wolves.

Manitoba Conservation said the wolves are trying to assert their dominance in the area and that the wolves naturally view large dogs as their competition.

The province wants people to be aware and has suggested people feed their pets inside because pet food can also attract wolves.

Victoria Beach dog owner Sherri Feakes has heard about the wolf attacks and said a dog was killed near her home.

"Just across the highway. Pretty freaky. I pick my kids up from the same highway across from the house where it happened and I have three young kids so I'm constantly trying to be there at the bus pickup for them," said Feakes.

Feakes has also started feeding her dog inside more often and doesn't let the dog go outside on her own without supervision.