Some Manitoba families are bracing themselves for a very tough Christmas.

Jennifer Catcheway, Claudette Osborne and Amber McFarland, all went missing several months ago.

On Tuesday the families gathered with friends to hold a march in the girl's honour to offer hope to each other.

"We love you Jen, Come home, come home," cried Catcheway's mother.

Bernice Catcheway's daughter Jennifer vanished without a trace nearly six-months ago.

Time isn't healing this wound for Bernice, in part because the wound remains open until Jennifer is found.

It's the same story for the mothers of Claudette Osborne and Amber McFarland.

"It gets harder. It gets harder every day," said Lori McFarland

The families have come together to focus their efforts, by waving signs with the girls pictures on them, and putting photos of their loved ones in the hands of strangers.

They believe someone, somewhere has information that will bring their kids home.

"We maintain hope because we don't have anything that tells us otherwise, and until we do, we will remain hopeful," said Lori McFarland at the Legislative grounds on Tuesday.

The families have been searching for months, and with Christmas approaching the pain they're feeling is starting to intensify.

"I can't be in that spirit right now, as my daughters missing, but I know I have to keep on going for my grandchildren," explains Brenda Osborne.

They keep going on because they believe there is still a chance their daughters could come home, though Bernice Catcheway knows that hope grows slimmer each day.

"It'll take a miracle, I know, but I believe in miracles, and Jennifer if you're out there, we love you Jen."

With a report from CTV's Jon Hendricks