Now there are four.

Brian Bowman's closest challenger Jenny Motkaluk has picked up another council endorsement. – acclaimed Waverley West councillor Janice Lukes is backing the business consultant-turned-candidate.

“I really truly believe that Miss Motkaluk will be able to work with all 15 councillors," said Lukes.

Lukes has been on the outs with Bowman since he punted her from his inner circle over her opposition to impact fees.

She says Motkaluk would do a better job of listening and including all councillors in decision making.

"Currently that's not happening at city hall under the leadership of Brian Bowman," said Lukes.

Three other Bowman critics from council have already lined up behind Motkaluk: Jeff Browaty, Jason Schreyer and Ross Eadie.

"So I'm really excited about the possibilities that this is going to bring once the election is over," said Motkaluk.

Bowman says based on positions the councillors have taken over the past four years, the endorsements aren't unexpected.

"Winnipeggers will decide for themselves who is the best mayor and who are the best councillors to vote for," said Bowman.

But associate political science professor Aaron Moore says endorsements matter.

"It certainly strengthens her argument that she's the main challenger a legitimate challenger to the mayor," said Moore.

Still Moore isn't convinced this will close the gap in the polls between Bowman and Motkaluk.

"For one thing people have to be paying attention to be aware of the endorsements and I'm not sure people are paying that much attention," said Moore.

Motkaluk also made a property tax announcement Wednesday, something her and Bowman appear to agree on. Motkaluk is pledging to freeze frontage levies. Bowman has already made the same promise.