Suites at the Place Louis Riel Suite Hotel are being converted into an apartment rental called the Antares Luxury Suites and 34 suites-worth of bed frames, mattresses and sofas have to go.

But where to take them?

"We could have sold it to another hotel chain, or another hotel, without question," said General Manager John Saad.

Instead, they're giving it all away.

Every pot, pan and pillow is being donated to Syrian refugees.

"That's a wonderful, amazing thing," said Ahmad Jameel, speaking through a translator. "And we are appreciative and thankful for them for any help they offer for us."

But Saad insists there is nothing amazing about the donation.

"It was just a natural thought process for us," said Saad. "While this is a great repurpose of this furniture, it would give it a second life, and really give some people a fresh start with their new lives in Canada."