A battle is brewing to capture the St. Norbert seat currently held by the NDP's Dave Gaudreau.

"It was a tough race last time. It's going to be a tough race again," said Gaudreau.

In October 2011, Gaudreau won his seat by just 31 votes.

According to political author and analyst Chris Adams, St. Norbert will once again be a very competitive riding.

"If there are some constituencies to move out of the column of the NDP, into the column of the other parties, this is one of them," said Adams.

PC candidate Jon Reyes is counting on it. The business owner and Canadian Forces veteran says voters in St. Norbert want change.

"They want to see our province move forward," said Reyes. "We've had people leaving our province because there's been no opportunity here, especially for our youth.  And that's why we're ready to serve." 

Liberal candidate James Bloomfield said he too is hearing a strong call for change from voters.

The community volunteer and consulting business owner said he'll offer a balanced approach to governing.

"I can look at the problems and say, ‘Yes, this is good for people, and this is also good for the economy,’" said Bloomfield. "Rather than just saying this is good for business and this is our benchmark."

Gaudreau said his party has made some mistakes, such as the PST hike rollout. But he says he's been an effective voice for St Norbert and hopes that will continue.

"I believe in what I'm doing, and believe in representing my area," said Gaudreau. "So I want to make sure that I'm here to represent the people, and we don't see the kind of regressive cuts the PC's are calling for."

On April 19th, St. Norbert voters will decide who will be their voice in the legislative building.