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'He's just an angel': Unwanted dog finds his forever home in Winnipeg

Dogs are called man's best friend, and for good reason. They're basically endless sources of unconditional love.

One dog named Wilson was waiting for half a year to become someone's best friend, and now, the unwanted dog has finally found a forever home.

Although Wilson is a good boy, he'd found himself in a bad situation. He didn't have a family of his own and he was waiting to be adopted from Animal Services for a very long time.

“Wilson was one of our most unwanted dogs and we do that when the dog is just not getting adopted,” said Leland Gordon, general manager for the City of Winnipeg’s Animal Services Agency.

“His problem was, [he] didn't like dogs, didn't like cats, got very anxious when he's left alone and he was an older dog. So dogs like that are essentially a lot harder to get adopted."

For more than six long months, Wilson was at the pound, waiting for someone to give him a chance.

The team at Animal Services never gave up hope someone could offer a forever home to Wilson.

"Wilson spent some time in Animal Services and in our kennels, wasn't doing well. Having a dog in a kennel is not the greatest thing,” Gordon said.

“So we looked up if he could find a foster home, and we did and so we had a network of four fosters who cared for this dog for months and months and months and months."

The agency’s patience and work with Wilson have now been rewarded, and so was Wilson when, by chance, Darlene walked into his life.

Darlene’s friend was renewing her dog licence, heard about Wilson, and told her about him.

"I went to meet him at his foster family, and I asked if I could have a doggy date with him,” Darlene said.

“And he came home with me and we had a sleepover and a play date. He was just perfect. I said, ‘I'm adopting him.’"

When Darlene told the woman at the counter she was adopting Wilson, she says the employee started to cry. Darlene did too.

We don't know if Wilson cried, but we do know he is very happy in his new home.

"Inside he's just an angel and I know that's what he can be outside and I'm willing to do whatever. His best years are still to come,” Darlene said. Top Stories

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