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Heat records broken over the weekend in Manitoba


The warm weather in Winnipeg this past weekend led to a weather record in the city.

According to data from Environment and Climate Change Canada, Winnipeg recorded a high of 6.1 degrees Celsius, surpassing the record set 26 years ago.

The warmest Feb. 24 before this weekend was back in 1998, when the city was 5.4 C.

It wasn't the only place in Manitoba that set a new record. The oldest record broken was in the Carman area – originally set in 1908 at 6.7 C. On Saturday, Carman reached 7.8 C.

The Altona area beat its record of 7 C in 1998 with a temperature of 9.4 C. Arnes and Gimli squeezed out a new record of 6.4 C, beating the 6.3 C temperature in 1998.

Dominion City and Emerson had identical records on Saturday at 8.5 C. Both of their records were set in 1945, each hitting 7.8 C back then.

Gretna had a new record of 9.4 C, passing the 7.0 C record from 1998.

Pilot Mound was the last location with a new record, as the area hit 6.0 C, beating out the 1958 record of 5.6.

Despite the records on Saturday, the weather shifted Monday as an Alberta Clipper hit parts of the province, bringing snow and cooler temperatures.

In Winnipeg, it is expected to drop to -19 C during the day Tuesday and -29 C Tuesday night. Top Stories

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