WINNIPEG -- Hotels, travel agencies, and janitorial companies will be receiving some extra help from the Manitoba government related to COVID-19 business impacts.

The Manitoba government announced on Tuesday that it is extending the application deadline for the Manitoba Bridge Grant to the end of January, and expanded those who are eligible for financial support.

With the eligibility criteria, businesses such as hotels, resorts, lodges and outfitters, travel agencies, janitorial services companies, and owners and operators of licensed passenger transportation can now apply for the grant.

Premier Brian Pallister announced the news at the Manitoba Legislature Tuesday morning.

The update comes two months after Code Red restrictions were implemented across Manitoba, prompting non-essential businesses to be closed. Stores that remained open are only allowed to sell essential items.

The grant is being extended to "reflect the extension" of the Code Red restrictions that health officials and the government announced last week.

The premier said the reason for this was so no business would "slip through the cracks."

"So ladies and gentlemen, if you are in a small business, you feel this is a program that you need the support from, I encourage you to get your application in now," said Pallister.

He added that any new businesses that have been added to the list through the eligibility expansion they could receive $5,000 plus more.

"They will be eligible to apply and if qualifying they will be eligible for retroactively the previous $5,000. In other words, for potentially an additional $10,000 of support."

Pallister said since the grant was first announced on Nov. 10, 2020, the province has paid out $104 million to 10,740 applicants.

The bridge grant was a $5,000 payment to businesses, not-for-profits, and charities who have been impacted by the restrictions. The province extended the program on Dec. 8, 2020, to support home-based businesses with $5,000 based on 10 per cent of their most recent revenues.

The province also gave out a second payment when health orders continued to into the new year and Pallister said the payments were made between Jan. 8 and 10.

If any businesses want to apply for the bridge grant, they can visit the province's website.

The current restrictions are set to expire on Jan. 22.