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How Manitobans can protect turtles from harm


Conservationists are hoping Manitobans will take an extra moment to think about and protect the turtle species that call the province home.

James Paterson with Ducks Unlimited Canada said there are two species of freshwater turtles that can be found in Manitoba (the western painted turtle and the snapping turtle) and they’ll likely be more visible in the coming weeks.

“Late May and early June is the typical time that female turtles make the annual migration to move from their wetland aquatic habitat, and they travel overland to put their eggs in a nice, safe spot to incubate,” he said.

Turtles in Canada are considered an at-risk species due to human threats, such as habitat loss and getting hit by vehicles, Paterson said.

“All Canadians can play a role in helping protect turtles,” he said. “If you see a turtle crossing the road, if it’s safe to do so, you can move the turtle in the direction it is travelling to help it get out of the way of those risky cars.”

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