In Elmwood–East Kildonan there is a two way race to become city councillor.

Both candidates are highlighting infrastructure needs as an important issue in the ward.

Incumbent Jason Schreyer is passionate about seeing the Louise Bridge replaced.

He wants the aging crossing, closed at times for inspections and repairs made a bigger priority, and would like see the existing structure converted into a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

Schreyer said in the last four years he's most proud standing his own ground, voting against things like the 2015 bus rapid transit budget. 

He said he’s an advocate of more buses and would like more money going to improve roads along with city waste and water systems.

"We're talking about visions for the future and yet, look at our streets, look at our alleys and look at our curbs and sidewalks. It shouldn't be this way,” Schreyer said in an interview with CTV News Sunday.

Since being elected in 2014, Schreyer's time at City Hall has hit a few bumps.

He said he chooses to no longer keep a city credit card after a controversy in 2017 about his expenses and submitting receipts.

This spring he was called out for missing several meetings, but Schreyer said he has an above average attendance record.

The man challenging Scheyer is Robb Massey a father of four, with a background in non-profit leadership, and looking to give back to his community.

“He [Schreyer] had four years to make his record and I'm standing on my record,” said Massey in an interview with CTV News Sunday.

When it comes to infrastructure, Massey would like to see more spaces for kids like the playground and splash pad area in Valley Gardens and better sidewalks.

"In a neighbourgood where we've got an aging population, I've got neighbours who feel unsafe because the sidewalk is uneven and they are afraid of falling," said Massey.

Massey says in the last four years he's seen a lack of investment in the ward and is disappointed where investments were made.

If elected he hopes to make it a safer place with meth clinics and more money for youth.

Massey said he loves raising his family in the area and wants it to be a place his kids want to raise their families too.