A new poll suggests infrastructure is the top issue for Manitoba voters as we near Election Day.

A Probe Research Inc. poll conducted for CTV and the Winnipeg Free Press found that infrastructure, roads, and potholes are the number one issue for Winnipeg voters.

Crime is second at 23 per cent, followed by health care, poverty, and education.

The top five looks quite similar for Manitoba as a whole. The only difference is fourth spot, with jobs instead of poverty.

Taxes don't crack the top five.

"If you ask voters to tell us what the most important issues are, taxes really is not raised to any significant degrees. So it's not a big issue in this campaign," said Probe President Scott Mackay.

Mackay said he's seen a rise in infrastructure and the state of our roads as the top concern for Manitobans over the past few years.

That's a shift from the 2011 election, when crime was the number one issue.