An injured goose had to be euthanized Saturday, despite efforts by its flock and the community of Charleswood to save it.

The bird with a broken wing was first discovered about two weeks ago on a retention pond. Most of its flock flew south for the winter, but a number of geese stayed behind to care for the goose, and residents in the area took notice.

“My concern was that this goose is going to freeze to death,” Rob Sawn, a concerned resident, said Friday. “If the goose needs to be put down, it should be put down in a humane fashion – not freezing to death or starving to death.”

Swan called wildlife officials to capture it but was told a rescue attempt couldn’t be done because the pond was only semi-frozen.

After it was captured by brothers Dominique and Hubert Contois Saturday, it was brought to Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre.

Officials from the not-for-profit centre said they had to euthanize the bird because it had a long-standing fractured wing that never healed properly. Officials said the bird would not be able to fly again, so it had to be euthanized.

About 70 per cent of injured geese brought in to the shelter are too badly hurt and have to be put down. Still, the centre manages to save about 1,700 animals per year.