Manitoba NDP star candidate Wab Kinew is still saying sorry and mending fences for words he used in rap songs before entering politics.

On Saturday, the Fort Rouge candidate posted a lengthy apology letter on Facebook to voters in the district. It read, in part:

”To be clear, I apologize fully for these lyrics, accept responsibility for them and am committed to helping bring about the societal change necessary to end misogyny, address gender based discrimination. We need to make sure we are inclusive of our LGBTIQ and two-spirited friends and relatives.”

This week, Kinew was called out for using misogynistic lyrics -- including the word “skank” -- in rap songs he put out a few years ago.

The controversy erupted after the NDP called out the Liberal’s Southdale candidate Jamie Hall for using for using misogynistic language -- including the words “whore” and “skank” -- on social media.

Hall apologized for the language and stepped down. A new Liberal candidate has not yet been chosen.

Liberal leader Rana Bokhari called Hall's comments, disgusting.