In the midst of a Liberal surge that saw them party forming a majority government, the party’s Robert-Falcon Ouellette unseated longtime NDP MP Pat Martin in Winnipeg Centre.

Other candidates for the riding included Conservative Allie Szarkiewcz, Christian Heritage Party’s Scott Miller, the Communist Party's Darrell Rankin and Green Party’s Don Woodstock.

Martin had held the seat since 1997.

The Liberal party becomes the first ever to vault directly from third party status to government.

The campaign, which began on a sweltering August long weekend with the country firmly Conservative blue, ended under a threat of October frost and a Liberal red tide.

The shocking Liberal onslaught opened on the East Coast, where Liberals were on track for a remarkable sweep of all 32 Atlantic Canada seats, before rolling into Quebec and Ontario and Manitoba.

Robert-Falcon Ouellette thanked Pat Martin for his service to Winnipeg Centre, and spoke on the aim of the Liberal campaign.

“The goal of this campaign was never never, never just to win. The goal of this campaign was to see your values reflected in Ottawa,” said Ouellette.

Pat Martin arrived smiling at his election party smiling, even though the longtime NDP MP was defeated.

Martin said and he admitted some colourful language at a candidates’ debate didn't endear him to voters.

"I'm a difficult candidate. I'm my own worst enemy sometimes. But I do speak my mind, and the one thing I don't regret, I've always been true to the people in the riding," said Martin.

Martin did not rule out another run at politics some day, but for now he said he will celebrate his honeymoon with his new bride. Martin got married during the campaign.

- with files from CTV's Jon Hendricks, Jill Macyshon and The Canadian Press